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TEXT Pranks Available...

  • VIRUS ALERT - Your Victim Receives a network message telling them that their mobile has a virus and they need to enter a code and turn it off!
    Prank Code: VA
  • CLAP CLINIC - Your victim gets a message from the clap clinic to inform them they been exposed to pubic lice, do you think the thought of it will have them scratching their pubes?
    Prank Code: CC
  • TRANSVESTITE DATING SERVICE - Confirmation message from a Transvestite dating agency telling your Victim that their registration has been successful, and that they should expect contact from other members soon.
    Prank Code: TV
  • SEX CHANGE OPERATION - Your victims application for a sex change operation has been approved and now all they need to do is confirm the booking, Watch them panic at the thought of having their tackle tampered with!
    Prank Code: SC
  • IM PREGNANT - ITS YOURS This one could be a real problem when your victim gets messages from an unknown girl who claims that she is pregnant and it is theirs, will your victim confess the truth or do a runner!
    Prank Code: PR
  • MINGER ALERT - They have won a prestigious title Minger of the Month, what will your victim think of their new title!
    Prank Code: MA
  • ROAD RAGE - Your victim has been reported for a road rage incident and they must produce their documents at the nearest cop shop, will they comply?
    Prank Code: RR
  • WORK DETENTION - Well you have heard of school detention but what about work detention your victim is about to be given a work detention for using their mobile phone at work!
    Prank Code: WD
  • RUSSIAN LOVER - Your victim receives an interesting text from a sexy Russian woman who just happens to be making her way to their house for hot sex, better not tell the wife then!
    Prank Code: RL
  • SECRET ADMIRER - In this wicked wind up your victim gets a text from a mystery admirer who looks like they are going to remain a mystery because they are too shy to reveal themselves how frustrating!
    Prank Code: SA
  • FREE BEER - Imagine your mates face when they get a message telling them that they have won free beer, then imagine their embarrassment when they try and claim it at their local and find that the whole thing was a practical joke
    Prank Code: FB
  • FREE PIZZA - Your Victim has WON FREE PIZZA or so they believe how funny when they take their TEXT message voucher to the pizza restaurant they’ll find out they have been stitched up big time!
    Prank Code: FP
  • SWINGERS PARTY INVITE - Your victim gets a mystery invite to a swingers party are they up for it, will they agree to pop along for a bit of fun you might be surprised by the answer!
    Prank Code: SP
  • UKRAINIAN BRIDE - Watch the fun as your victim gets confirmation of their order and delivery of a Ukrainian bride, will they accept delivery of their beautiful brunette bride to be and hand over the £12,750 as well.
    Prank Code: UB
  • FLATMATE FROM HELL - Your victim starts to get messages form a potential flatmate who has seen their advert, trouble is this one is very bossy and demands your victims full attention when they arrive at the premises to check if they will be suitable
    Prank Code: FM
  • DOG FOOD MODEL - Your victims name as been put forward as a model suitable for a new TV advert the contact company is working on, trouble is will your victim see the funny side when they find out the advert is to promote cheap dog food
    Prank Code: DF
  • PORN DEBT - Your Victim gets a message from XRatedpornchicks.com saying that their account is seriously overdue and asks them to call debt recovery on 0871 231 6011 URGENTLY - of course the number they call is also a prank
    Prank Code: PD
  • ANGRY HUSBAND - Your Victim gets a message from our "Angry Husband" accusing them of messing round with his wife and tells them to call him on 08712 316 005  URGENTLY - of course the number they call is also a prank
    Prank Code: AH
  • TED JARVIS - Your Victim gets a message from Our "Mr Angry" Ted Jarvis who accuses them of keep calling him, and he wants them to call him on tel: 08712 - 316 012 so he can give them a piece of his mind – This is especially Funny if you can manage to listen into the prank call as well!
    Prank Code: TJ
  • NO CREDIT LEFT - Your Victim gets a mystery message asking them to call back because the senders credit has run out but when they do, they get our "Mr Angry" giving them a right rollicking for keep calling him
    Prank Code: NC
  • VOUCHER EXPIRED - Your Victim gets a message asking them to top up their credit as their credit has just expired and gives them a number to call 0871 231 6011 for free emergency credit, unfortunately they get accused of being a lowlife scrounger when they do!
    Prank Code: VE
  • ACCOUNT TERMINATED - Oh dear, your Victim gets a message accepting their account termination request and continues to tell them that their account will be disconnected within 20 mins - thank you for your custom!
    Prank Code: AT
  • ACCOUNT CREDITED - Your Victim will think they have struck Gold when they get a message saying that their account has been credited to the tune of £150!
    Prank Code: AC
  • INVALID TOP UP - Your Victim gets a message saying that they have been caught using an invalid top up card and their account has been suspended until a fresh top up has been applied.
    Prank Code: TU
  • STOLEN MOBILE - Oh No! Your Victim is in big trouble, what will they do when they get a warning message saying that their mobile is stolen and told to report to the nearest police station with proof of ID
    Prank Code: SM
  • STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING - Your Victim has been reported for using offensive language and is warned that further breech of network terms will result in immediate account termination and £200 fine
    Prank Code: SL
  • PORN SITE REGISTRATION - How will your Victim react when they get a message from xratedpornchicks.com confirming their account activation and are told that the first payment will be deducted within 7 days
    Prank Code: PS
  • NEW TEXT MESSAGE RATES - How will your Victim take the news that future text messages will cost them 30p per message due to increased network running costs?
    Prank Code: TR
  • NEW CALL RATES - How will your Victim take the news that future calls will cost them £1 per minute due to increased network running costs?
    Prank Code: NR
  • NO PORN CALLS ALLOWED - What will your Victim think when they get a message saying that their attempts to call an 0909 porn line has been blocked and they should call their account manager on Tel: 08712 - 316 012 of course the fun doesn't stop at the text message, the call is a prank too!
    Prank Code: NP
  • DELIVERY ATTEMPT - Your victim gets a vague message telling then that they have missed a delivery and asks them to contact the companies account manager on Tel: 08712 - 316 012 which is a Prank Recorded Message
    Prank Code: DA
  • SERVICES NO LONGER REQUIRED - Oh Dear! looks like your Victim has had the sack via text message, and are asked to pack up their personal belongings and vacate the building immediately - will they comply and leave quietly or kick up a fuss about nothing?
    Prank Code: SN
  • I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE UP TO - When your victim is asked to stump up £1000 for the mystery text message sender to keep quite about what your Victim has been upto, will they call the number supplied by the blackmailer to find out what they know?
    Prank Code: IK
  • YOU’RE DUMPED - Dumped by text message, nothing new there I guess but to add insult to injury the anonymous text also tells them that they are ugly scum!
    Prank Code: YD
  • YOU GAVE ME GENITAL WARTS - Your Victim gets a message accusing them of passing on genital warts, even if they don't know who has sent the text it might make them examine themselves carefully just in case!
    Prank Code: GW
  • FANCY A BIT - A sexy admirer who suggests they get down and dirty is watching your Victim!
    Prank Code: AB


We do not automatically tell the Victim who sent the Text Prank, but like all legitimate text prank services we are obliged by law to provide your mobile number to the victim if they request us to do so - Please use this service for the purpose it was created "A Bit Of Fun Between Friends" Only use as a Prank on your friends because it is a criminal offence to send abusive text messages to harass people. If you have received one of our text prank messages and want to know who pranked you?  Click Here Please provide your mobile number and date of prank and we will confirm the number of the mobile where the prank originated.

Wicked TEXT Wind Ups is produced by Ribsplitters Ltd and is protected by copyright and trade mark law  Ribsplitters Ltd PO Box 9799 Staffs B79 7XQ Wicked Text Wind Ups cost a TOTAL of £1.50 plus standard text charges - you should seek the permission of the bill payer.

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